Therapist Training


The Behavioural Neurotherapy Clinic offers Therapist Training programs in small groups for maximum teacher-trainee contact and more intensive learning. The Level1 Course will impart the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to start work as an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapist. the course is in two parts: First 3 on-line modules followed by a 2-day face to face course run at the clinic in Doncaster.

The on-line modules are perpetual, meaning when purchased you can access the modules for as long as you like and watch them again and again as refreshers. They contain lots of video examples of how to manage difficult behaviours.

The Therapist Training is suitable for anyone interested in working as an ABA Therapist. Typically Psychologists or Psychology students wishing to enhance their behaviour therapy skills. or someone wishing to embark in a career as an ABA Therapist or for families embarking on an aba program with their child. It is also suitable for Allied Health Professionals who work with children with special needs. The training is also suitable for primary school and early childhood teachers and integration aids wanting to better understand the principles, and management strategies to enhance their work practices and better support the children in their care. The skills learnt in this course can be readily transferred to educational settings.

If you are a parent of a child with NDIS or DSS funding, you may wish to select to pay a deposit of $100.

This will be refunded to you after the course and total fee will be charged to NDIS or DSS.

Please indicate your fee option.