Early Signs of Autism

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ABA (PRT) Course

Two-Day Intensive ABA Course to train parents, caregivers and therapists.
Run on the last weekend of each month.

Courses are run at a nearby venue, in small groups of about 8 people .
Pre-booking is essential.

Cost $590

DSS (prev FaHCSIA) will pay for eligible parents and caregivers to do the course


International consultations
are welcomed via SKYPE or Telephone.
Please call the clinic on
+613 9848 9100
for an appointment.

Fast Forword for teaching language skills

What is Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord is a computer program based on cutting-edge neuroscience. It strengthens the auditory processing and language skills which are essential for good reading, spelling, verbal and written communication in general. It does this by developing the specific neural circuits in the brain that perform these functions.

Who can benefit from Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord is designed to help:

  • Language and Literacy Skills of Children, Teens and Adults
  • Central Auditory Processing Difficulties/Disorder
  • Reading and Spelling Difficulties/Dyslexia
  • Reading Comprehension Difficulties
  • Language Difficulties: Understanding Others and Expression
  • Children with Autism, Asperger’s Disorder and ADD or ADHD

How does Fast ForWord work?

Strengthening brain pathways requires appropriate stimulation, but also persistence and practice. That is why Fast ForWord can be likened to a ‘gym’ for the brain: providing the ‘equipment’ necessary to stimulate the brain, so that the participant can practice language and literacy skills essential for all verbal learning.

Research by neuroscientists who developed the Fast ForWord Program has revealed that strong auditory processing and language skills are the essential underlying foundations for reading, spelling, and all other forms of written and verbal communication. As such, Fast ForWord provides participants with practice in processing the smallest components of sound, then builds up to syllables, words and sentences. Language comprehension and expression are addressed as the program covers the major components of the language/literacy curriculum. Fast ForWord has also been designed to strengthen memory, attention, processing and sequencing, and incorporates motivational components which facilitate the speed of learning.

Fast ForWord allows the participant to target the particular areas he/she most needs to develop, thus ensuring that efforts are focussed on what will yield the greatest personal benefit.

The following fMRI images show a brain with poor activation for language and reading, followed by strong activation for language and reading.

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) studies on effective versus ineffective readers have shown that brain activation (in the relevant locations of the brain), was significantly increased following the Fast ForWord Program in the children tested (Temple et. Al., 2003).

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